Mark Johnson for City Council

To whom it may concern,

For over a decade, I’ve known Mark Johnson as an employee, a colleague and a friend at Superior High School to be a man of integrity, intelligence and passion. He’s highly self motivated to learn and apply that learning to action. His courage to take on leadership and face new challenges is remarkable. Whether it’s been to lead a training on positive student interactions to over 300 School District employees, or create a business to support developmentally disabled adults involvement in community activities, Mark has not been timid to try and succeed in providing the right fix to the right problem.

His sense of duty to public service includes creating a memorial three on three basketball tournament to provide resources for the UWS Foundation supporting scholarships in legal studies and other UWS programs. He’s been a go-to person at the High School to lead the Hoff Family Foundation Christmas Sponsorship, coordinating and delivering gifts to needy families in Superior.

Mark is currently the coordinator and lead teacher for the BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risk) program at Superior High School, leading several teacher teams helping to focus and build on the positive assets students have for their success.

Mark is resilient having faced the loss of his son and friends, he rebounds with a new sense of duty and service. He isn’t afraid of speaking to power and confronts those who are in charge with honesty and integrity. Mark Johnson is running for Superior City Council and the City of Superior couldn’t do better without him. He’s homegrown and the best that Superior can offer.

Please vote for Mark on April 5, 2022 for City Council.