Fed & Focused

This letter is paid content. Back in November Mayor Paine and I met a teacher, Jasmine who described the wide-spread hunger children were experiencing during/after snack time. Months later, I wasn’t able to shake her story. Partly, because I was so surprised to learn this about our kids across the city, but mostly because I could so clearly remember what it was like to go to school in the same situation: hungry with no snack. My very first thank you is to the very first people to donate to the snack drive, Warren Bender and Ruth Ludwig. What took me weeks to remember is that before they were the brilliant, caring leaders that they are now, they were teachers in this community. They uniquely understood.

After that, our community erupted with support and donations. Superior Water Light & Power came on board with enough snacks to be divided between every elementary school in the city/district. Both Rotary Club #40 and Carpenter Apprentices #361 turned in seriously impressive donations. A special thanks to Pastors Foote & Mowchan of United Presbyterian and Pilgrim Lutheran who got their entire congregations involved. Thank you to Becky Scherf, a proud mom at Northern Lights for mobilizing the BorderTown Betties. As my mentor Xavier Bell taught me, “You can’t unknow what you know.” Please consider sponsoring an elementary school in your neighborhood. In the coldest part of the year, we’re consumed with warmth and gratitude. Thank you, Superior.

Jenny Van Sickle, Lew Martin Senior Center

Jim Paine, Mayor of Superior