Wisconsin Point will be recognized as a culturally significant space on the Wisconsin Register of Historic Places.

The Historic Preservation Review Board approved the nomination Friday, Aug. 14.

Wisconsin Point is a geographic place, Indigenous space and an archeological site, according to John Broihahn, archeologist with the Wisconsin Historical Society, who presented the nomination.

“Wisconsin Point is widely recognized as Superior’s most important place,” said Mayor Jim Paine in support of the nomination. “It is critical to our cultural, historical and ecological history in the city of Superior. And everybody that lives here has a connection to that place.”

He said the nomination supports the city’s goals of preservation and engagement with Wisconsin Point, and it's is the place where people first engaged the area.

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Sissel Schroeder, a member of the preservation board, noted the complex history of the point and suggested including contemporary uses of Wisconsin Point in the final nomination that will be sent to the National Park Service for consideration for the National Register of Historic Places.

The application can be amended at a later date, said Daina Penkiunas, a board member.

The review board’s approval places Wisconsin Point on the Wisconsin Register of Historic Places immediately.