Looking to change gears? Feeling stuck indoors? Starting Friday, Twin Ports residents can join in an annual celebration of biking and outdoor activity with Winter Bike Week. Family friendly events to promote community well-being and health will run through Feb. 5.

Activities, arranged by Zeitgeist and partnering with other organizations across Duluth and Superior, will be centered around the question: How can active living in the winter be fun, practical and accessible?

The week will consist of both in-person and virtual events such as a winter biking class, a kids helmet giveaway, a commuter meet-up and online discussions. All in-person events will follow COVID-19 guidelines.

“Winter Bike Week is a way to celebrate one of the most defining seasons in our community—winter—while highlighting all the ways we can stay active and healthy during the cold, snowy, and icy months,” Andrea Crouse, Zeitgeist’s community development manager, said. “There are so many people who embrace the season, and this is an opportunity to highlight their expertise while following their example to help make active living in the winter accessible to all in our community, regardless of age, class, race or skill.”

The full week of events and details can be found at zeitgeistarts.com/community/winter-bike-week.