Pastor Mark

Church shopping: the necessary activity of finding a place to worship. This has become an increased activity today; not because more people are interested in attending church, but because of a growing dissatisfaction among our present church attenders.

There are many reasons why people seek a different church - some are even valid, but too often we are motivated to find that perfect church, which we feel our present fellowship is not. We hear a lot about what the perfect church should be and what it should be doing. Since we feel our present church is lacking perfection, we set off in search of one that is perfect so we can enjoy the benefits.

Perfect churches are like unicorns - we might believe they exist, but nobody has ever seen one.  

We can certainly find a fellowship that excels in areas our present church does not, but before long, our new church will have its own limitations.

So what is the alternative? Instead of running out the back door, why not invest yourself into your present church; enabling it to do what you feel it lacks. Talk to your pastor about your interests. Explore the possibility of developing a ministry that would strengthen your church. Buck the trend! If you do not like what you see around you, change what you see, not what you attend.

When it comes to a church that meets our expectations, it is not about finding one, it is about developing one.