Local government officials want to know what our youth think.

Often times, teens are able to see issues and opportunities adults miss. The Douglas County Board of Supervisors and Superior City Council value the reports they receive from high school youth representatives and are seeking new students to fill seats vacated by those who are graduating. These positions influence local decision-making, provide experience for learning how local government works and create connections with community leaders that last into college and the workplace.

The County Board meets once a month and is looking for one representative each from Northwestern and Solon Springs High Schools. The City Council meets twice a month and representatives must reside within Superior's city limits. One delegate and two alternate seats are open, with the alternates taking over after the delegates graduate.

Applications and references for all positions are due May 26.

Interviews are held between May 29 and June 9 with final selections announced shortly thereafter. Two-year terms start in early September and there are $25 stipends to cover the cost of attending each meeting. Detailed information and application forms are available at the 4-H Office in the courthouse, and

Contact" target="_blank">douglas.uwex.edu/4h/yig-forms.


Sharon Krause, 4-H youth development educator, with questions at (715) 395-1365.