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Not everything in life is what it seems

Over the years, we have all heard statements that, although shared in earnest, we never really came to believe. Like when my father would tell me the spanking I was about to receive would hurt him more than me. I never saw him rub his backside after it was over.

Another statement was the old road work signs that read, "Temporary Inconvenience, Permanent Improvement." If the signs were accurate, eventually there would be no more need for repairs as all the broken roads would be permanently repaired.

Speaking of permanents, ladies, the procedure belies itself. If your hair treatment was really a permanent, you would not have to go back to the beautician ever again. Instead, it should be called a "temporary."

Obviously, not everything in life is what it seems. Claims often contradict our experiences. As a result, we tend to view life with a tinge of skepticism. After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

But there is one claim that you can believe without question — God loves you! True, life can throw difficult circumstances at us, leaving us skeptical of this divine assertion. However, our assurance need not come from within our circumstances, but from without. No matter what happens to us in life, the cross of Jesus stands as evidence of God's love, not as some questionable claim, but as proof that God's declaration is true. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son ..." — John 3:16

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.