Superior’s Redevelopment Authority approved the sale of a narrow strip of land near Hallett Dock No. 8 to provide the new owners of the facility access to a public road in the Winter Street Industrial Park.

Hallett Dock No. 8 LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EnviroTech Services Inc., will purchase the property for $30,000.

The company was sold, and lease agreements between the city and the original owner were reassigned to the new owner by the Council in November, said Jason Serck, economic development, port and planning director.

The agreements were related to port improvement grants received by the city from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Harbor Assistance Program to upgrade the bulk cargo facility in 2006 and 2012.

“As the title work was done as part of this purchase, it was discovered the Redevelopment Authority actually owns the access to Hallett Dock,” Serck said. “With that, we agreed to sell this piece of property to the company so they can have access as well as can operate … the train switch there … not that they haven’t before, but this kind of cleans up the title.”