SWL&P unveils new program to help with past due utility bills

Eligible customers can receive partial debt forgiveness for on-time payments.

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Superior Water, Light & Power is offering a new program to help residential customers facing financial challenges get caught up on their utility bills.

The Arrears Management Program (AMP) is targeted at customers with past-due balances of at least $200 for 60 days or more on an electric, water or natural gas bill. These customers may be eligible for partial debt forgiveness from Superior Water, Light & Power if they set up and maintain a payment plan as part of the program.

Eligible customers will make an AMP payment each month in addition to paying their regular monthly bill. After three months of on-time payments, the utility will match the AMP payment, reducing the total amount the customer owes over time.

Currently, there are no income qualifications to participate in AMP. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, the program will be available only to customers who qualify for fuel assistance.

Visit to learn more about the new payment plan. Other options such as budget billing and deferred payment arrangements are also available to customers who fall behind on their bills. Call 1-800-227-7957 or 715-394-2200 for more information.


The state of Wisconsin provides Energy Assistance Program funds to help residents with utility bills. Eligible residential customers are encouraged to apply for assistance or refer a family member or friend to these financial resources. Even if customers have applied before, additional money may be available. Call 1-800-506-5596 or visit to learn more about energy assistance.

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