To remind residents that they can find gifts for their special someone right in Superior, Mayor Jim Paine declared Thursday, Feb. 13 as "Keep Your Love Local Day."

“I’d like you to start a new tradition in Superior,” Paine said. “We’re used to promoting local and small business, but a lot of the time we’re talking about growth in our retail and hospitality industry, we’re talking about the holiday season, the big shopping season.”

While the Christmas shopping season is traditionally that time of year, Paine said the snowstorm just after Thanksgiving made it particularly difficult to get around downtown late last year.

Retailers in Superior are ready to serve.

After running out of roses last year, Leslie Hietala of Artistic Florals by Leslie said she has plenty on hand — 1,000 of them.

“I’ve got flowers coming out of everywhere,” Hietala said of her shop at 1705 Tower Ave.

Scott Hanson of White Cedar Studio said shopping locally has its perks because people can come into his studio and custom design jewelry, then head to the Spirit Room for a cocktail or down to Red Mug for a cup of coffee in the same spot.

“There’s all kinds of good stuff right in the building,” Hanson said.

In keeping with Superior’s traditional shopping night in downtown, Paine said a number of businesses are planning to stay open late Thursday, Feb. 13, and will be open all day to help people getting in just under the wire.

“We know there are people who procrastinated,” Paine said.

Paine is encouraging people to get out and experience the local businesses that serve the community, whether you’re in a relationship or not.

“Just come in and say hello,” Paine said. “You don’t need to be in a relationship to support Valentine’s Day or local businesses. This is a great day to show your appreciation … even if that’s not a person.”

Paine said he likes to take his dog, Montezuma, to Rascal's Professional Pet Grooming for a little pampering.

“There’s a lot of great groomers around town that can dress up your dog or cat or hamster,” Paine said. “Feel free to spoil everyone that’s in your home … just get out and enjoy Superior.”