Empower Superior Nutrition, the sister shop to Superior Impact Nutrition, opened Friday, Oct. 4, in the former Subway building in Superior's Belknap Plaza. The new business served up 502 shakes Friday.

“I like to describe it as a healthy fast food option with a fun, inviting environment,” said Alexandra Schulz, who owns both businesses with her husband, Luke. “It’s kind of like a healthy 'Cheers.’ We’re all on a first-name basis.”

She said the couple hasn’t had a dull moment since they opened Superior Impact Nutrition at 1017 Tower Ave. in June 2018.

“I’m a fast-paced person, so it’s exciting for me,” Schulz said. “Especially when we saw this space open up.”

The business had grown too big for its Tower Avenue spot.

“We only have a 440-square-foot space over there and we were literally bursting at the seams,” Schulz said. “We were seeing over 400 customers a day in a 440-square-foot space. It’s very cozy.”

So they added a branch. The new building at 100 Belknap St. has double the lobby space with storage in back and plentiful off-street parking.

Between them, the two stores employ seven coaches. The business also offers wellness coaching, meal plans and products for home use.

In addition, Superior Impact Nutrition has given more than $8,500 to local causes over the past year.

Schulz said a 10-year-old named Evy Keppers inspired her community giving. Keppers, of Superior, is the founder of the annual Fighting for Friends 1-mile walk for children battling cancer. The 10-year-old walked in and asked to hang up a flier for the event in 2018. Schulz had been mulling spending more on social media advertising. Keppers’ visit sparked a new idea.

“I was obligated or compelled,” Schulz said. “I was just like from now on, we’re going to donate all our tips to this cause this month.”

The tip jar collects funds for a different community nonprofit every month, from the Douglas County Humane Society and Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse to the Alzheimer’s Association, Girl Scouts and Autism awareness. This month, the tip jar is earmarked for breast cancer awareness.