The parking lot at The Upper Deck Restaurant was busy Friday, Jan. 31, as its contents were carted away.

Superior-based Sellers Auction was tasked with clearing out the business, which sat idle for over a year. Real Estate Broker Brenda Uotinen with Bachand Realty said the new owner will be turning the building into an airplane hangar.

For Roberta Moselle, it was a chance to say goodbye.

“My husband and I used to bring our girls and we’d sit right over there at that table, that was always our spot," the Superior woman said, pointing at a corner booth. "We just loved coming here."

Moselle discovered the restaurant in 1975, when she was hired by the Superior School District. It became a Wednesday lunch spot and date site for her and husband-to-be Gene.

“In the beginning, it was once a week and then it was once every couple of weeks and then you get married and have kids and get out whenever you can,” Moselle said. “But we wanted to share this with them because it was part of who we were and what we did.”

When she first started frequenting the restaurant, patrons ate upstairs and planes taxied into the main floor hangar. It was busy and quarters could be cramped, but Moselle said the home-cooked food was worth the wait. The restaurant later expanded to fill the main floor.

Friday, Moselle sat in a booth waiting for the Seller’s Auction team to return downstairs. She’d already purchased a pair of bar stools to bring home.

“That’s part of the reason I’m here,” she said. “I wanted something from here.”

Some of the spot’s vintage ambiance traveled home with Matt Hill. He purchased the mirror tiles from outside the kitchen and bar area, removing each panel with a putty knife.

The Superior man only ate at the Upper Deck once, about a year and a half ago.

“When I came in here what it kind of felt like was this homestyle 80s place, with all the booths, the chairs, the lighting and everything,” Hill said.

In the parking lot, town of Amnicon resident Dennis Hill loaded three rolling carts full of stainless steel pans into his truck for transport to Mission Covenant Church in Poplar.

Moselle said Friday’s event combined two of her passions — auctioning and The Upper Deck.

“We just loved coming here,” she said.