The Soo Line Depot on Superior's Winter Street has housed everything from a garden center and a computer business, to a candy store and art gallery. It even served as a setting for the Disney film "Iron Will" in 1993.

The 110-year-old building is now on track to become a brewery and restaurant.

Thirsty Pagan Brewing plans to move from its location at 1623 Broadway St. to the depot at 1615 Winter St.

Owner Steve Knauss said they expect to open in the iconic railroad building in January.

"It's a good move for us and I think it's a good fit for the city of Superior," he said.

Since Knauss bought the former Twin Ports Brewing Company in 2006, Thirsty Pagan has built a reputation for hand-crafted beer and gourmet pizzas.

The move marks a step into the brick-and-mortar phase - owning a building instead of leasing. The depot also offers more private seating options for meetings, events and parties, although the total number of seats will remain roughly the same.

"We don't want to get bigger, per se," Knauss said. "We want to get better."

Groups already meet regularly at Thirsty Pagan, but the current configuration isn't ideal for privacy. At about 7,500 square feet, the depot will provide more space to spread into.

"Because we have these private spaces for people to meet, we hope the nooks and crannies are filled," Knauss said.

Parking will also be expanded.

"We're so excited about having our own parking lot," Knauss said.

Thirsty Pagan is more than beer and pizza. The business employs 33 people and pays about $66,000 in wages per month. Last year, it notched $1.3 million in sales.

"We're a nice little diamond for Superior," Knauss said. "I think we're trying to shine ourselves up a little more."

The move will also highlight one of the city's iconic buildings, which opened in 1908.

"We want to showcase it," Knauss said, and turn the depot into a destination place.

Knauss' holding company, Winter Street, purchased the building two months ago. The building's in great shape, he said, and demolition is underway. As with his initial purchase in 2006, the Entrepreneur's Fund is helping with funding.

The brewery and restaurant will continue to serve customers at its Broadway Street location until the move. It's a big step, but Knauss is excited.

"We've got really great people to work with, a really great product and great customers," he said. "How can you go wrong?"