Precision Tint & Detail revs up in Superior

A Rice Lake entrepreneur's passion fuels the automotive tinting business.
Brent Dahlberg, owner of Precision Tint & Detail, pulls a prepared window tint from a glass door in the shop at 1917 Broadway Street in Superior on Thursday morning, Dec. 2, 2021. Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

A Rice Lake auto tinting business has expanded to Superior spurred by local demand.

Precision Tint & Detail opened Sept. 7 at 1917 Broadway St., the former home of Servicemaster. It’s the second location for the business, which has been providing window tinting and detailing in Rice Lake since 2019.

Brent Dahlberg is co-founder of the Rice Lake business and sole owner of the Superior store. A steady stream of customers from the Twin Ports area prompted the move.

“We had been doing mobile tinting in Rice Lake, where we take the trailer out, and it seemed like I was always coming up here. So I just saw a good market opportunity and decided to try it here,” Dahlberg said.

The shop's quality standards and customer service set Precision apart from similar businesses, he said.



“We try to go above and beyond to accommodate anybody’s schedule or needs,” Dahlberg said.
The service is also quick, said office manager Margaret Miller of Solon Springs, and bookings have been filling up.

“We’re fast, we’re friendly and we’re like one big family,” said her husband Harley, a detailer.

The business currently employs three — Dahlberg and the Millers. A potential new employee was at the building Dec. 2, learning the detailing side of the business.

For DJ Ross, owner of neighboring business Wire Werks Accessories and Solutions, the new store cuts back on his mileage. Ross has been building squad cars for seven years, starting at a small company in Duluth and branching out to DSC Communications before starting his own shop. Wire Werks, located at 1305 Banks Ave., offers 12 volt wiring services and car, truck and UTV accessories as well as emergency vehicle up-fitting.

“I was going down to Brent in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where his first shop was. I was bringing all my squads down there to get tinted,” Ross said.

It was a trek, but one he was willing to take.

Harley Miller, a detailer at Precision Tint & Detail, works on the back of an SUV at the shop on Broadway Street in Superior on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021. Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

“They have a reputation that strictly follows their product. It’s easy to see why they’re in business, and it’s easy to use them as a business,” Ross said. “I made the hour-and-a-half trip down to Rice Lake because when you have quality, it’s easy to go after that. Now it’s even easier to have him in town here.”

Dahlberg still lives in Rice Lake, which means driving an hour and a half each way every workday.

“I guess I just enjoy being an entrepreneur, and I enjoy what I do,” Dahlberg said. “You know, I’m a car guy, so it’s been my passion to work with vehicles.”

He and his friend started the Rice Lake tinting business as a side job while working for Charter Spectrum. Initially, Dahlberg said, he didn’t know anything about tinting. He taught himself the trade through “YouTube university” and years of practice. When he was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dahlberg poured his energy into the business full time.
Brent Dahlberg, owner of Precision Tint & Detail, looks over his computer before picking a certain tint to cut out at his shop at 1917 Broadway St. in Superior on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021. Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

“There’s nothing better than working for yourself,” he said.


The majority of the business, roughly 90%, is window tinting for both individual and commercial clients. Window tint is more than decoration, Dahlberg said. It can also offer shatter prevention, UV protection and even keep a vehicle's interior warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Precision Tint & Detail also offers automotive detail work and vinyl decals.

The business is small, but that’s part of its strength.

“I think the reason I was able to scale so quickly is I just, I mean it sounds cliche, but I go above and beyond for my customers because I’m not a corporate business. I'm just one guy, so it’s a different experience coming here when the owner’s not sitting here waiting for you to come,” Dahlberg said.

Visit the Precision Tint & Detail - Superior LLC Facebook page or call 715-919-1966 for more information.

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