Izabel Johnson

Izabel Johnson is a community reporter for the Pine Journal newspaper. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota Duluth and previously worked as a managing editor for the university's student-run newspaper. Izabel enjoys writing all types of stories, as well as the occasional book review. Contact Izabel at ijohnson@pinejournal.com or 218-723-5258.

Activists say it incentivizes more policing of protests while first responders say it keeps the burden off taxpayers.
Worth Knowing: Doug Lacher, affectionately known as “Mr. Stillwater,” died March 24 of respiratory failure at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis, where he had been hospitalized for three weeks. He was 69.
Worth Knowing: Among her many brushes with history, the Saginaw, Minn., resident was the oldest person to receive a COVID-19 vaccination at Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet. Martha Westlund died March 6, 2021, at age 105.
Anthony Devere Seaberg faces two felony charges stemming from a Carlton County vehicle theft that ended in a high-speed chase.
For over a decade, workers at the Conwed factory in Cloquet, Minn., claim they unknowingly risked their health, causing some to develop lung abnormalities, while others lost their lives. Conwed, formerly known as the Wood Conversion Co., used asbestos in the production of its Lo-Tone mineral board and ceiling tile products, potentially exposing about 6,000 workers to the hazardous ingredient.
The man is accused of stealing a vehicle that was left running outside a Moose Lake restaurant and engaging in a high-speed chase with Carlton County law enforcement officers, according to court documents.
Kevin Aho, a Cloquet High School graduate who worked in restaurants throughout the Northland, is currently leading voting in the worldwide contest.