Area golf scores for May 26, 2023

Standings from golf leagues around the area.

golf ball on fairway
golf ball on fairway
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Tuesday Morning Ladies Green Dreamers League
May 16
Low net of handicap: 1st flight, Pam Hendricks, 32; 2nd flight, Katherine Nick, 34; 3rd flight, Micky Mullozzi, 33; 4th flight, Elaine Sleeman, 36.
Low gross scores: Pam Hendricks, 45; Loreen Olson, 45; Karen Helenius, 48; Eleanor Munson, 49.

May 23
Low net of handicap: 1st flight, Karen Helenius, 34; 2nd flight, Dairlyn Gower, 36; 3rd flight, Barb Brooks, 35; 4th flight, Dee Ginthner, 35.
Low gross scores: Karen Helenius, 46; Dana Olson, 48; Pam Hendricks, 49; Eleanor Munson, 49.

Thursday Men's League
May 18
Scramble AA: Mackey/Clark, 9.5; Maki/Polkoski, 9; Hipsher/Reijo, 8.5; Matke/Hackman, 3.5; Mott/Furtak, 3; Dunphy/Dunphy, 2.5; Santikko/Forsythe, 0; Tykkila/Johnson/Jardine, 0.
Low scores: Mackey/Clark, 33; Maki/Polkoski, 34.

The Spartans will face the winners of Kaukauna and Oak Creek in the state championship at 6:30 p.m. Saturday in Madison.
The Spartans’ shortstop injured her hand during the sectional final win over Stevens Point.
Four players and one coach will represent Douglas County in the 2023 Wisconsin Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association's Senior All Star Games.
The Spartans survived a four-run fifth inning to edge the Falcons in the Wisconsin Division 1 tournament.

Scramble A - Early: Peck/Kulig, 10; Luoma/Shaffer, 9; Roode/Roode/Wiegand, 9; Helenius/Olson, 9; Johnson/Johnson, 9; Kinney/Tanula, 3; Goetsch/Goetsch, 3; Beard/Grandlund, 2; Shaffer/Shaffer, 0; Berge/Boggess, 0.
Low scores: Roode/Olson, 37; Peck/Kulig, 38.

Scramble A-Late: Weyandt/Forsythe/Forsythe, 9; Birch/Kavajecz, 8.5; Lind/Graff, 8; Olson/Jardine, 8; Harnish/Schneeberger/Kellen, 8; O'Connell/Robinson, 4; Klobuchar/Gregerson, 4; Moniot/Holmes, 4; Olson/Stegmann, 3.5; Clemmer/Wiese, 3.
Low scores: Birch/Kavajecz, 36; Graff/Graff, 37.


Events: Long putt on no. 2, Dave Olson; long drive on no. 7, Al Birch; closest 2nd shot on no. 9, Nolan Graff.
On the green winners: Luke Robinson, Scott Weyandt, Adam Stegmann, Greg Olson.
Skins: Roode/Olson, Mackey/Clark, Kavajecz/Birch.


Monday Night League
May 15
Scores: Bagtown Brewery, 5; Mulligan's, 7.5; Diamonds in the Rough, 7.5; Diamonds in the Ruff, 8; Home Wreckers, 3; Par Tee of 3, 9; Sidelines No. 1, 5; Rick Kitzman Construction, 6.5; Patti's Dockside, 5; Birdie B's, 2.5; Dockside 2, 7.5; Pat Nelson Construction, 5; Wagon Burners, 3.5; Let's Be Frank, 5; Sidelines no. 2, 1; Clem's Diesel, 7; Young Schweikert's, 2; Kings Krew, 2.5; Dinda's Team, 2.5.
Events: Longest putt, Caleb H.; closest tee shot to the pin - women, Cassie Gidley; closest tee shot to the pin, Cheryl Keegan; closest tee shot to the pin - men, Dave Dinda.
Skins: Birdie on hole no. 1, Diamonds in the Ruff; Par on no. 7, Dockside 2.


Thursday Night Couples League
May 18
Standings: Sayles, 19; Spindler, 17; Hoyt/Fisher, 15; Moran, 14.5; Moen, 13.5; Nikstad/Peters, 13.5; Modeen, 12; Reijo, 12; Johnsen/Miller, 10.5; Kebhart/Hammerbeck, 10.5; Drolson, 9; Erdman, 7; Corbin/Troyer, 5; Reijo/Kucharyski, 2.5; Lings, 0; Barry, 0.

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