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Tigers 2nd, Spartans 3rd in Mackey Duals

Superior Telegram

The Northwestern High School wrestling team finished second and the Superior High School Spartans were third in Saturday’s Robert Mackey Duals tournament in the NSH gym in Maple.

Glenwood City won the team title with a perfect 5-0 record. The Tigers were 4-1, losing only to Glenwood City, and the Spartans were 3-2, with losses to the top two teams.

Also competing were Ashland, Shell Lake and Proctor.

“It was a great team effort by a very young team,” NHS coach Bob Coleman said. “I have to say the reason for this young team reaching this level of intensity is because of the leadership of our captains, Jay Karich and Josiah Vik. It’s great to see these two guys experience some success after really persevering and working hard for the last four years. They have done a great job leading and encouraging this young team.

“I also feel that it is because of our love for each other that our wrestlers are just willing to go out on the mat and battle.”

The Tigers had six wrestlers go 4-1 on the day and another go 3-1.

“Our guys believe they always have a chance to win the match at any given time as long as they keep working,” Coleman said. “We did not have any wrestlers make the all-tournament team, but it was a great team effort for this team to take the runner up trophy.

They wrestled with the same attitude and intensity as Robert Mackey did — very fitting for the Robert Mackey duals.”

Up next for the Tigers is the Northern Badger tournament at River Falls.

NHS will be competing against Barron, Bloomer/Colfax, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser-Prairie Farm, Cumberland, Spooner and River Falls.

“These guys are fun to coach because they work hard and have fun at practice,” Coleman said. “It’s been a great start to this season and very enjoyable as a coach. I could not ask for more from this young team.”

Robert Mackey Duals Results

1 Glenwood City, 2 Northwestern, 3 Superior, 4 Ashland, 5 Shell Lake, 6 Proctor

Round 1

Ashland def. Proctor 52-12

Northwestern def. Superior 48-28

Glenwood City def. Shell Lake 57-15

Round 2

Shell Lake def. Proctor 30-18

Glenwood City def. Northwestern 46-28

Superior def. Ashland 39-33

Round 3

Glenwood City def. Proctor 72-0

Northwestern def. Ashland 42-39

Superior def. Shell Lake 44-18

Round 4

Superior def. Proctor 60-12

Northwestern def. Shell Lake 42-30

Glenwood City def. Ashland 54-22

Round 5

Northwestern def. Proctor 63-6

Glenwood City def. Superior 57-18

Ashland def. Shell Lake 48-34

Northwestern 42, Ashland 39

152: Dylan Tribbey, N, forfeit; 160: Ben Cashman, A, pinned Jacob Carlson, 3:37; 170: Jon Litersky, A, pinned Jackson Doller, 0:55; 182: Jay Karich, N, pinned Caleb Maynes, 0:55; 195: Willy Richeson, A, forfeit; 220: Justin Little, N, forfeit; 285: Ben Gierczic, A, pinned Quentin Seger, 1:51; 106: Connor Wheeler, N, forfeit; 113: Dantae Thompson, A, forfeit; 120: Tommy George, A, dec. Luke Jarman, N, 10-4; 126: Jorge Rounwind, A, pinned Hunter Weise, 1:05; 132: Jonathan Nelson, N, pinned Devin Dimich, 1:57; 138: Josiah Vik, N, pinned Joe Boyle, 2:24; 145: Chance Brochu, N, forfeit.

Northwestern 42, Shell Lake 30

160: Beau Sklyzacek, SL, pinned Carlson, 2:40; 170: Doller, N, pinned Ben Frey, 3:21; 182: Karich, N, forfeit; 195: double forfeit; 220: Leo Carrillo, SL, pinned Little, 5:05; 285: Luca Cockerham, N, forfeit; 106: Jack Skluzacek, SL, pinned Wheeler, 1:15; 113: double forfeit; 120: Jarman, N, forfeit; 126: Weise, N, forfeit; 132: Nelson, N, forfeit; 138: Vik, N, forfeit; 145: Dominic Hopke, SL, pinned Brochu, 1:36; 152: Noah Skluzacek, SL, pinned Tribbey, 3:50.

Northwestern 48, Superior 28

106: Wheeler, N, forfeit; 113: double forfeit; 120: Nicholas Long, SHS, maj. dec. Jarman, 14-0; 126: Jon Morley, N, pinned Mike Berka, 2:31; 132: Nelson, N, forfeit; 138: Emanual Carson, SHS, pinned Vik, 1:02; 145: Jake Jaques, SHS, pinned Brochu, 3:18; 152: Tribbey, N, pinned Tony Mohr, 5:11; 160: Carlson, N, pinned Drinkwine Travis, 0:30; 170: Ross Kennelly, SHS, pinned Doller, 0:44; 182: Billy Regner, SHS, forfeit; 195: Jay Karich, N, pinned Joey McDonald, 2:49; 220: Little, N, pinned Joseph Miller, 4:58; 285: Quentin Seger, N, pinned Keegan Stanley, 2:31.

Northwestern 63, Proctor 6

170: Doller, N, forfeit; 182: Jay Karich, N, forfeit; 195: double forfeit; 220: Little, N, forfeit; 285: Tyler Stoneburner, P, pinned Cockerham, 4:40; 106: Wheeler, N, forfeit; 113: double forfeit; 120: Luke Jarman, N, forfeit; 126: Weise, N, forfeit; 132: Paige Orlowski, N, dec. Cassie Moran, 8-7; 138: Vik, N, pinned Luke Irons, 0:49; 145: Brochu, N, forfeit; 152: Tribbey, N, pinned Richard Fechner, 0:28; 160: Carlson, N, forfeit.

Glenwood City 46, Northwestern 28

106: Wheeler, N, forfeit; 113: Joe Obermueller, GC, forfeit; 120: Jarman, N, forfeit; 126: Spencer Peterson, GC, maj. dec. Jon Morley, 14-5; 132: Marcus Ullom, GC, dec. Nelson, 5-1; 138: Vik, N, maj. dec. Damian Hoitomt, 13-1; 145: Jacob Carlson, GC, pinned Brochu, 0:55; 152: Tribbey, N, pinned, 3:06; 160: Carlson, N, pinned Hunter Chouinard, 1:20; 170: Isaac Tuttle, GC, pinned Doller, 5:40; 182: Blayze Wood, GC, dec. Karich, 10-4; 195: Jeffrey Kopacz, GC, forfeit; 220: Donovan Fornal, GC, pinned Little, 1:16; 285: Brennan Kessler, GC, pinned Erickson, 0:50.

Hayward 37, Superior 36

In an earlier Heart O’ North Conference match the Hayward Hurricanes defeated Superior 37-36 Thursday night in Hayward.

Hayward 37, Superior 36

182—Howard Leuschen (H) def. Billy Regner 6-4; 195 —Joey McDonald (S) pinned Julian Rogstad, 2:52; 220 —Joey Miller (S) won by forfeit; 285 —Keegan Stanley (S) won by forfeit; 106 —double forfeit; 113 —Dylan Adair (H) won by forfeit; 120 —Nick Long (S) won by forfeit; 126 — Mike Berka (S) won by forfeit; 132 —Lane Deyn (H) pinned Emanuel Carlson, 2:57; 138 —Justin Elcombe (H) won by forfeit; 145 —Frank Leuschen (H) won by forfeit; 152 —McGail Rogstad (H) def. Tony Mohr, 5-0; 160 —Ross Kennelly (S) pinned Cullen Macwild, 0:56; 170 —Derek Kelsey (H) pinned Anthony Ells, 0:56.