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Non-WIAA trophies dumped, reclaimed

Athletic trophies lay discarded in a dumpster outside of the Superior High School Performing Arts Center on April 10. The trophies were thrown out when construction began at the high school. (Ben Tunell / The Spartan Spin)

Ruth Moder

For The Telegram

To prepare for upcoming renovations, the locker rooms and coaching offices at Superior High School needed to be cleaned out by May 1.

The school’s administrative team met to discuss what to do with old trophies from the case, with some dating back to 1967.

SHS activities director Ray Kosey served as a member of the administrative team and said the group talked about recycling the trophies but was unsuccessful in finding any takers.

“Our policy is if there’s any value to things, we bring them to BID Superior,” Kosey said.

The administrative team eventually decided to keep only Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association trophies and dispose of the rest, which was communicated to all coaches via email.

The SHS track and field coaches asked that the Packy Paquette Invitational trophies be saved, so they were set aside.

Sophomore Marcia Mogensen was clearing out track equipment from the locker room when she heard what happened to the trophies.

“I was really hurt because all of those people worked and worked and worked and worked, and they just threw them away like they were nothing,” Mogensen said.

Track head coach Kris Leopold believes the trophies should have been given out at class reunions or given to those who won them. Leopold ran track for the school for two years and has been a coach since 2001, coaching a total of 17 teams.

“You can always find a spot for these. This is history,” he said.

Leopold said even though he personally did not win many trophies, many of his friends in high school did.

According to Superior school district policy, the Superior Board of Education “shall direct the periodic review of all District property and authorize the disposition by sale, donation, trade, or discard of any property not required for school purposes.”

“The trophies don’t belong to the kids, they don’t belong to the coaches, they belong to the school district, and we need to follow district policies with all school property disposal,” Kosey said.

Cheer team head coach Emily Kelly understood the decision to dispose of the trophies. She said she was already planning to get rid of smaller trophies. She had a locker stacked full of trophies and needed a step stool to reach them all.

“The state and regional/state qualifying trophies show the lineage of the cheer team’s hard work and how long we’ve been a WACPC state member,” Kelly said.

Kosey said just because the trophies are gone does not mean those accomplishments should be forgotten.

Nor have the trophies been forgotten.

When the track coaches found out what happened to the trophies, they received permission from Kosey to remove them from the dumpsters. The coaches were required to complete a lending agreement to have a paper trail of the trophies they have, to prevent the accusation of stealing property.

The agreement states that they are not allowed to give any trophies away or keep them themselves, and the coaches must return the property when the lending agreement ends.

Leopold said trophies from every sport were found, and he plans on restoring as many as possible.

The trophies will be stored in the rooms of the track coaches and in Leopold’s own room at Northern Lights.

Ruth Moder writes for Superior High School’s Spartan Spin newspaper.