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Superior all-stars take two-of-three from Duluth stars

Superior Senior All-Stars, from left. Mike Gault, Peter DeGraef, Ernie St. George, Dave Quam, Roger Christianson and Bruce Olson. (Submitted photo)1 / 8
Superior All-Stars, from left, Todd Sorenson, Randy Merrill, Matt Meyers, Doug Flaherty, Kyle Kantola and Brian Wallin. (Submitted photo)2 / 8
Superior Super Senior All-Stars, from left, Gordy Thoreson, Jack Patnode, Tony Jaros, Kirk Olson and Don Cain. (Submitted Photo)3 / 8
Randy Merrill4 / 8
Brian Wallin5 / 8
6 / 8
7 / 8
8 / 8

Superior won two of the three events against Duluth at the 43rd annual men’s All-Star Bowling Challenge Sunday afternoon at Village Lanes.

Superior won the regular all-star match as well as the senior match, while Duluth came out on top of the inaugural super senior match.

The Superior All-Stars won 3,269 to 3,162 and now trail 24-19 in the event’s history.

Superior’s top bowler was captain Kyle Kantola, who had a high series of 691 and a high game of 247.

Remaining members of Superior’s team were Doug Flaherty (657 series), Matt Meyers (677), Brian Wallin (401), Randy Merrill (409) and Todd Sorenson (434).

Duluth was led by Dana Casey with a high series of 710 and a high game of 289.

The Superior Seniors defeated Duluth 3,189-3,057 to take a 9-7 lead in the all-time series.

Captain Dave Quam led the Superior Seniors with a high series of 721 and a high game of 256.

Other Superior seniors were Peter DeGraef (426), Mike Gault (364), Roger Christianson (640), Bruce Olson (586) and Ernie St. George (452).

Duluth’s high series was a 669 by Carl Hendrickson, who also had the high game of 238

Duluth won the inaugural super senior event 2,270-2,113.

Superior was led by Don Cain’s high series of 602 and high game of 212.

Other Superior series were Tony Jaros (350), Jack Patnode (505), Kirk Olson (510) and Gordy Thoreson (146).

Leading Duluth was Charlie Carpenter with a 609 and a high game of 217.

Women’s roll-offs

Qualifying for the Superior women’s and women’s senior all-star teams is 10 a.m. Sunday at the Village Lanes.

Sign-up  sheets and qualifications for participants are located at both Landmark Lanes and Village Lanes.

The women’s match will be March 19 at Landmark Lanes.