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Spartans honor teachers

Mitch Anderson and Mrs. Dahlin1 / 21
Ross Kennelly and Mrs. Persons2 / 21
Superior’s Joey Miller (54) escorts Bryant Elementary 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Hipp, during the 2015 Teacher Appreciation Night before the Spartans football game on Friday evening. Miller commented that one thing he really liked about having Mrs. Hipp as a teacher was that she let him chew gum in class. (Jed Carlson/ 3 / 21
Tyler Brue-Velin and Mrs. Morrissey4 / 21
Brett Lozon and Mr. Conley5 / 21
Beau Girard and Mr. Postal6 / 21
Brett Austin and Ms. Johnston7 / 21
John Cronin and Mrs. Kelly8 / 21
Austin Sears and Mrs. Olson9 / 21
Beau Reder and Ms. Danovsky10 / 21
Garrett Hobson and Mrs. Hudson11 / 21
Donovan Luoma and Ms. Dulinski12 / 21
Trent Sikorski and Mrs. Gronski13 / 21
Brendan French and Mr. O'Connell14 / 21
Brandon Foerst and Mrs. Walt15 / 21
Harrison Doane and Mrs. Jones16 / 21
Dalton DeRosia and Mr. Polkinghorne17 / 21
Keegan Stanley and Mrs. Kalin18 / 21
Nick Long and Ms. Podesker19 / 21
Asst. Coach Aaron Anderson and Mr. Weletzko20 / 21
Head Coach Bob DeMeyer and Mr. Glokner21 / 21

The Superior Spartan football team honored teachers on Friday evening with the 2015 Teacher Appreciation Night. Each senior picked one teacher from their time in Superior thats made a large impact on them.