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Eder tames Advantage RV Mod Tour field

Jerry O’Brien

Point leader Kevin Eder of Ashland increased his lead in the Advantage RV Modified Tour by winning Friday night’s event at AMSOIL Speedway in Superior.

Eder earned the pole position in qualifying and led for more than half of the 40-lap event to win his second consecutive event. Neil Balduc of Bessemer, Mich., was runner-up.

Complementing the Mod Tour were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and the WISSOTA Pure Stocks. Twenty-four Midwest Mods and 20 Pure Stocks were on hand to swell the car count to 72 for the evening.

George Dalbeck of Wakefield, Mich., took first in the Midwest Modifieds 20-lap feature; Justin Weinberger of Park Falls, Wis., claimed the 15-lap Pure Stock victory.

Weinberger was originally stripped of his win for a part judged to be outside the rules in post-race inspection. But the ruling was eventually overturned and the win was restored.

In the winner’s interview, Dalbeck mentioned that this was his first brand new race car which had a total of 10 laps on it prior to Friday’s action.

Eder drew the pole position next to Neil Balduc on his way to winning his second consecutive Advantage RV Modified Tour victory.

He has a strong point lead in the tour, and said after the victory, he needed to do some soul searching to see if they would continue to follow the tour.

AMSOIL Speedway

Friday, June 10, 2016

Advantage RV Modified Tour (34 cars)

Feature (40 laps) — Kevin Eder, Ashland; Neil Balduc, Bessemer; Kevin Adams, Cameron; Matt Gilbertson, Montevideo, Minn.; Jeff Tardy, Hibbing; Mike Stearns, Hecla, SD; Rick Niemi, Eveleth; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Jody Bellefeuille, Duluth; Destin Lorimor, Superior; Travis Saurer, Elisabeth, Minn.; Cory Bruggeman, Stillwater; Dave Corcoran, Minn.; Ken Hron, Nashwauk; Rick Rivord, Superior.

DNF: Jeff Broking,  Grand Rapids; J.B. Stortz, Big Lake, Minn.; Darrell Nelson, Hermantown; Andy Jones, Princeton, Minn.; Joey Jensen, Harris, Minn.; Ryan Mikkelson, Jamestown, ND; Al Uotinen, Superior; Danny Vang, Deerwood, Minn.; Jeremy Nelson, Rogers, Minn.; Jeffery Lien Jr., Mora.

Heat 1: D. Nelson; Bellefeuille; J. Broking; Bruggeman; Lorimor; Brody Strachan, Emo, Ont. DNF: Lien Jr.; Alex Guthmiller, Watertown, SD; Matt Leer, Bruce.

Heat 2: Balduc; Jones; Gilbertson; VanHouse; Mikkelson; Hron; Kelly Estey, Kelly Lake. DNF: Jeff Spacek, Phillips; Paul Wrazidlo, Duluth.

Heat 3: Adams; Cain; Stearns; J. Nelson; Niemi; Saurer; Scott Heikkinen, Eveleth.

Heat 4: Eder; Stortz; Vang; Jensen; Uotinen; Rivord; Brian Mikkonen, Iron River; Cody Wolkowski, Thunder Bay.

B Feature No. 1: Bruggeman; Stearns; Niemi; Lien Jr.; Saurer; Lorimor; Leer; Heikkinen; Strachen. DNF: J. Nelson. DNS: Guthmiller.

B Feature No. 2: VanHouse; Jensen; Mikkelson; Hron; Uotinen; Rivord; Mikkonen; Spacek; Wolkowski. DNF: Estey. DNS: Wrazidlo.

Midwest Modifieds (24 cars)

Feature (20 laps) — George Dalbeck, Wakefield; David Simpson, Thunder Bay; Nick Daronco, Mountain Iron; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Dave Flynn, Superior; Donnie Lofdahl, Duluth; Lance Solem, Duluth; Dale Soumala Jr., Hermantown; Skeeter Estey, Kelly Lake; Travis Saurer, Elisabeth; Brady Caul, Fort Frances; Shawn Rivord, Superior; James Kannegiesser, Hayward; Andrew Inman, Hermantown; Jason Goldfine, Superior. DNF: Jamie Smart, Kakabeka Falls; Kevin Eder, Ashland; Dan Kingsley, Superior; Matthew Dibb, Milaca; Craig Lofdahl, Duluth; Jason Williamson, Fort Frances; Mack Estey, Hibbing; Mike Jacques, Thunder Bay; Derek Berg, Siren.

Heat 1: Solem; Caul; Eder; Inman; Smart; Williamson; Jacques; Berg.

Heat 2: VanHouse; M. Estey; Simpson; D. Lofdahl; Dibb; Rivord; Goldfine; Kannegiesser.

Heat 3: Kingsley; Dalbeck; Daronco; S. Estey; Flynn; Saurer; Soumala Jr.; Berg.

WISSOTA Pure Stock (20 cars)

Feature (15 laps) — Justin Weinberger, Park Falls; Shaina Rapp, Saginaw; Ryan Savoy, Superior; Ryan Madsen, Foxboro; Carter Nelson, Hermantown; Jason Simonson, Superior; Kyle Copp, Brule. DNF: Justin Madsen, Foxboro; Tim Carlson, Superior; Jim Campbell, Two Harbors; Jared Akervik, Superior; Chad Carlson, Superior; Andy Poll, Two Harbors; Devin Reynolds, Cloquet; Mike Blevins, Hibbing; Zene Anderson, Superior; Tyler Carlson, Cloquet. DQ: Annika Hammitt; Dylan Shelton, Wrenshall.

Heat 1: Blevins; T. Carlson; Rapp; Campbell. DNF: J. Madsen; Ty Carlson; R. Madsen; Reynolds. DQ: Simonson; Anderson.

Heat 2: Savoy; J. Hammitt; Weinberger; Poll; Copp; Carter Nelson. DNF: Chad Carlson. DQ: Shelton; A. Hammitt; Akervik.

ABC (Ashland) Raceway

Saturday, June 11

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: Steve Stuart, Ashland; Mike Anderson, Colfax; Al Uotinen, Superior; Neil Balduc, Bessemer, Mich.; Steve Lavasseur, River Falls; Brian Mikkonen, Iron River; Pat Cook, Washburn; Rick Rivord, Superior; Mickey Nosser, Phillips; Jacob Hiatt, New Richmond; Pat Hoffman, Rice Lake; Kevin Adams, Cameron; Dustin Hudack, Ashland; Jeff Spacek, Phillips; Scott Hudack, Ashland; Bill Byholm, Glidden.

Heat 1: Adams; Uotinen; Mikkonen; Cook; Hiatt; Hoffman; S. Hudack; D. Hudack.

Heat 2: Stuart; Balduc; Anderson; Lavasseur; Rivord; Byholm; Spacek; Nosser.

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: Curt Myers, Cameron; Nick Oreskovich, Mason; Shane Kisling, Park Falls; Scott Lawrence, Superior; Jeff Klopstein, Tomahawk; Randy Spacek, Phillips; Pat Beeksma, Ironwood, Mich.; Andy Grymala, Superior; Greg Kuklinski, Ironwood, Mich.; Terran Spacek, Phillips; Myron Basina, Washburn; Don Muzzy, Ironwood, Mich.; Charlie Anderson, Ironwood, Mich.; Colten Vernon, Ashland; Dave Elliott, Minocqua; Luke Schultz, Cameron; Cory Marincel, Ashland; Aaron Mashlan, Ashland; Shawn McFadden Jr., Ashland; Cory Casari, Montreal; Kyle Helling, Rice Lake; Dave Flynn, Superior; Keith Corcilius, Phillips.

Heat 1: T. Spacek; Grymala; McFadden; Myers; Casari; Flynn; Anderson; Vernon.

Heat 2: Kisling; Kuklinski; Klopstein; Oreskovich; Schultz; Helling; Basina; Marincel.

Heat 3: Lawrence; Muzzy; Beeksma; R. Spacek; Elliott; Corcilius; Mashlan.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Shane Halopka, Greenwood; Nick Oreskovich, Mason; Jesse Aho, Twin Lakes, Mich.; Ryan Adamzak, Ashland; Wayne Stricker, Highbridge; Dan Kingsley, Superior; Paul Suzik, Ironwood, Mich.; Michael Truscott, Chippewa Falls; George Dalbeck, Ironwood, Mich.; Tanner Hicks, Ashland; Austin Ellis, Rice Lake; Bill Byholm, Glidden; George Truscott, Greenland, Mich.; Tad Bretting, Ashland; Ryan Barningham, Bayfield; Jeremy Lindquist, Ashland; Brady Mesko-Jokinen, Mellen; Brad Seavers, Rib Lake; Duane Dunbar, Marenisco, Mich.; Shawn Rivord, Superior; Curt Myers, Cameron; Cole Spacek, Phillips; Dave Flynn, Superior; Denny Cutsforth, Rice Lake.

Heat 1: Flynn; Aho; Suzik; R. Barningham; Rivord; Jordan Barningham, Bayfield; John Kallas, Hurley; Robert Hyde, Ashland; Cy Hoaglan, Ashland; Gunner Peterson, Drummond.

Heat 2: Adamzak; Halopka; Oreskovich; D. Dunbar; W Stricker; Marcus Dunbar, Marenisco, MI; Dalbeck; Cutsforth; Matt Deragon, Ashland; Mike Jacques, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Heat 3: Myers; Kinglsey; Spacek; Byholm; Hicks; G Truscott; Lindquist; Tyler Hudack, Ashland; Pete Paulus, Phillips; Darren Zorich, Marenisco, Mich.

Heat 4: M Truscott; Ellis; Bretting; Seavers; Ross Fuhrman, Ashland; Mesko-Jokinen; Jared Stricker, Mellen; Bill Muhlig, Bessemer, Mich.; Clay Passuello, Ironwood, Mich.

Semi-Feature 1: Hicks; Rivord; G. Truscott; Lindquist; Hudack; J. Barningham; Hoaglan; Hyde; Zorich; Peterson; Kallas.

Semi-Feature 2: W. Stricker; Dalbeck; Cutsforth; Mesko-Jokinen; Fuhrman; Deragon; M. Dunbar; J Stricker; Muhlig; Jacques.


Feature: Bubba Anderson, Trego; Tiffany Hudack, Ashland; Dale Coddington, Hayward; DeJay Jarecki, Ashland; Forrest Schultz, Ashland; Scott Ovaska, Marengo; Jeremy Lindquist, Ashland; Joe Newago, Bayfield; Brendon Ottman, Ashland; Adam Traaholt, Ashland; Matt Larson, Spooner; Dalton Truchon, Ashland; Cole Vernon, Ashland; Paige Vernon, Ashland; Derek Milligan, Bayfield; Bella Bretting, Washburn.

Heat 1: Coddington; Jarecki; C. Vernon; Schultz; Ottman; Larson.

Heat 2: Hudack; Ovaska; Lindquist; Anderson; Newago; Truchon; P. Vernon; Bretting.

Make-up Feature from May 21: Hudack; Lindquist; Schultz; Traaholt; Ottman; Milligan; Ovaska; Truchon; Newago; Larson; Bretting; Jarecki; Coddington; C. Vernon; Anderson.

WISSOTA Pure Stocks

Feature: Randy Graham, Trego; Justin Weinberger, Park Falls; Tim Carlson, Superior; Brandle Pupp, Ashland; Jeff Christman, South Range; Bob Skrobot, Manitowish Waters; Chris Johnson, Superior; Steve Pohl, Manitowish Waters; Andy Poll, Two Harbors; Don Livingston, Bayfield; Nick Paoli, Ironwood, Mich.; Chad Carlson, Superior; Tim Carbon, Highbridge; Josh Kallas, Hurley; Brock Beilke, Hayward.

Heat 1: Graham; Pupp; T. Carlson; Christman; Poll; Livingston; Skrobot; Kallas.

Heat 2: Weinberger; Carbon; C. Carlson; Andrew Hanson, Iron River; Pohl; Johnson; Paoli; Beilke.

Make-up Feature from May 12: Hanson; C. Carlson; T. Carlson; Weinberger; Pohl; Christman; Skrobot; Poll; Paoli; Graham; Pupp; Randy Conner, Hayward; Jake Nevala, Ashland; Beilke.

Proctor Speedway

Sunday, June 12

Advantage RV Modified Tour Results (28 cars)

Feature (40 laps) — Darrell Nelson, Hermantown, Jody Bellefeuille, Duluth, Kelly Estey, Kelly Lake; Neil Balduc, Bessemer; Al Uotinen, Superior; Johnny Broking, Grand Rapids; Ashlay Anderson, Elk Mound; Mike Stearns, Hecla, ND; Jeremy Nelson, Rogers, Minn.; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Andy Jones, Princeton; Mike Anderson, Colfax; Matt Leer, Bruce; Bob Broking, Grand Rapids; Paul Wrazidlo, Duluth; Travis Saurer, Elizabeth, Minn.; Matt Gilbertson, Montevideo; Jeff Wood, Chisholm; Ken Hron, Nashwauk; Destin Lorimor, Superior; Ryan Mikkelson, Jamestown; E.J. Heitala, Cloquet; Alex Guthmiller, Watertown; Scott Heikkinen, Eveleth. DNF: Jeff Broking, Grand Rapids; Rick Niemi, Eveleth; Danny Vang, Deerwood, Minn. DNS: Kevin Eder, Ashland.

Heat 1: J. Broking; Bellefeuille; A. Anderson; Wrazidlo; Hron; J. Broking. DNF: Vang.

Heat 2: Balduc; Stearns; J. Nelson; M. Anderson; Guthmiller DNF: Eder; Niemi.

Heat 3: Jones; K. Estey; Leer; Saurer; Gilbertson; Lorimor; Heikkinen.

Heat 4: D. Nelson; Uotinen; VanHouse; Wood; B. Broking; Mikkelson.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (24 cars)

Feature (15 laps) — Mack Estey, Hibbing; Skeeter Estey, Kelly Lake; Deven VanHouse, Silver Bay; Travis Saurer, Elizabeth; David Simpson, Thunder Bay; Don Scholler, International Falls; Josh Heavirland, Cloquet; Dan Kingsley, Superior; Donnie Lofdahl, Duluth; Wayne Stricker, Highbridge; John Kallas, Hurley; Dale Soumala, Hermantown; Ross Siiter, Cloquet; Andrew Inman, Hermantown; Norman Anderson Jr., Duluth; Cody Miller, Side Lake, Minn.; Jeremy Lindquist, Ashland; Craig Lofdahl, Duluth; Gunnar Peterson, Drummond; Mike Jacques, Thunder Bay. DNF: Chad VanDuker, Meadowlands; Jared Stricker, Highbridge; Matt Deragon, Ashland; Kevin Eder, Ashland.

Heat 1: Saurer; VanHouse; Eder; Scholler; Soumala; C. Lofdahl; Siiter; Jacques.

Heat 2: M. Estey; Kingsley; Stricker; D. Lofdahl; Inman; VanDuker; Lindquist; Peterson.

Heat 3: S. Estey; Simpson; Heavirland; Kallas; N. Anderson; Deragon; J. Stricker; Miller.

WISSOTA Pure Stock (12 cars)

Feature (15 laps) — Mike Blevins, Hibbing; Dustin Follett, Cloquet; Matt Cuhna, Hibbing; Al Rapp, Saginaw; Andrew Hanson, Iron River; John Hammitt, Cloquet; Andy Poll, Two Harbors; Carter Nelson, Hermantown; Dylan Shelton, Wrenshall; Casey Hartshorn, Duluth. DNF: Tyler Carlson, Cloquet; Annika Hammitt, Cloquet.

Heat 1: Blevins; Rapp; Follett; Cuhna; A. Hammitt. DNF: Hartshorn.

Heat 2: Hanson; J. Hammitt; Shelton; Poll; C. Nelson; T. Carson.

WISSOTA Hornets (5 cars)

Feature (10 laps) — Paul George, Princeton; David Beckwith, Duluth; Don Popoe, Superior; Aaron Bernick, Duluth. DNF: Hunter McDougall, Duluth.

Heat: George; Beckwith; Popoe; McDougall; Bernick.