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Kinter, Lawrence and Savoy nail down season championships

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Superior Telegram

Sixteen-year-old Jeffrey Lien Jr. of Mora, Minn., won his first race at Amsoil Speedway on Friday night, capturing the 20-lap Midwest Modified race at the season-ending Head of the Lakes Fair, but Hibbing’s Tyler Kintner took home the season championship despite a ninth-place finish.

Defending champion Skeeter Estey of Kelly Lake, in second place entering the race, had a chance to repeat until an accident knocked him out of the race.

Curt Myers of Cameron, Wis., led from start-to-finish to claim the Super Stocks event, while fifth-place Scott Lawrence of Superior earned the season points title to go along with his title defense at Proctor Speedway.

Chad Carlson of Superior won his second Pure Stocks race of the season, while season champion Ryan Savoy sat out the event having clinched the points title beforehand.

Midwest Modified and Super Stock championships

Head of the Lakes Fair

Friday, Aug. 28

Midwest Modified (24 cars)

Feature (15 laps):  Jeffery Lien Jr., Mora; Jake Gondik, Foxboro; Mack Estey, Kelly Lake; Dan Kingsley, Superior; Nick Daronco, Mt. Iron; Kevin Montieth, Thunder Bay; David Simpson, Thunder Bay; Mark Kangas, Eveleth; *Tyler Kintner, Hibbing; Scott Herrick, Proctor; DevenVanHouse, Silver Bay; Don Craig, Thunder Bay; Jeff Forseen, Mt. Iron; Tyler Luger, Iron River; Jamie Smart, Kakabaka Falls; Wayne Stricker, Highbridge; Chris Bretting, Washburn; Junior Anderson, Superior; Cole Chernosky, Thunder Bay.

DNF: James Kannegiesser, Hayward; Jason Goldfine, Superior; Lance Solem, Duluth; Skeeter Estey, Kelly Lake. DQ: Dave Flynn, Superior.

*2015 AMSOIL Speedway Track Champion – Tyler Kinter.

Jeffery Lien Jr., fast time: 18.636 seconds -- Jeffery Lien Jr.

Heat 1: Daronco; Gondik; Flynn; Luger; Kangas; Goldfine; Anderson; Bretting.

Heat 2: Kintner; S. Estey; M. Estey; Montieth; Solem; Herrick; Kannegiesser. DNF: Chernosky

Heat 3: Simpson; Kingsley; Lien, Jr.; VanHouse; Craig; Forseen; Smart. DNF: Stricker.

WISSOTA Super Stock (16 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Curt Myers, Cameron; Dave Flynn, Superior; Kevin Burdick, Proctor; Derek Vesel, Hibbing; *Scott Lawrence, Superior; Mark Smith, Solon Springs; D.J. Keeler, Superior; Nick Oreskovich, Mason; Joe Oliver, Superior; Shane Kisling, Sarona; Keith Kern, Superior; Spencer Sorenson, Duluth; Willie Johnsen Jr., Superior.

DNF: Jim Campbell, Two Harbors; Brian Carl, Duluth; Donnie Lofdahl, Duluth.

*2015 AMSOIL Speedway Track Champion -- Scott Lawrence

*Curt Myers fast time: 18.555seconds

Heat 1: Burdick; Keeler; Smith; Myers; Lofdahl; Campbell; Johnsen Jr. DNF: Oliver.

Heat 2: Flynn; Kern; Lawrence; Vesel; Kisling; Oreskovich; Sorenson; Carl.

Pure Stocks (14 cars)

Feature (15 laps): Chad Carlson, Superior; Chad Nikstad, Superior; Shaina Rapp, Saginaw; Carter Nelson, Hermantown; Alysha Johnson, Superior. DNF: Aaron Olson, Kelly Lake; Erik Pederson, Saginaw; Nick Ziegler, Cloquet; Alex Smith, Solon Springs; Jon Hammitt, Cloquet; Jason Simonson, Superior; Chris Johnson, Superior; Matt Madsen, Superior. DNS: Andy Poll, Two Harbors.

Heat 1: J. Hammitt; C. Johnson; Nikstad; Rapp; Smith; Simonson. DNF: Olson.

Heat 2: C. Carlson; Pederson; M. Madsen; Ziegler; A. Johnson Superior. DQ: Poll.