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The ultimate homer

It’s no secret that I’m a Vikings fan.

I was born and raised in Willmar, Minn., and my allegiances lay with the Twins, Timberwolves, Gophers, Wild, Lynx and whatever else has a Minnesota in front of it.

I’ve been in Superior for 15 years now, so I’ve added the Spartans, Yellowjackets, Tigers, Eagles and Evergreens into the mix of teams I’ll root for. I even have some Wisconsin Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers memorabilia in my man cave at home.

And since my father-in-law is a funny guy and made me a part owner of a certain professional football team that sports the green and gold a few Christmases ago, I even have a Packer helmet on display. So I’d be OK if you called me a homer. I’ll take it as a compliment.

But I thought it was time to let everyone in on a little secret; this season I’m more of a homer than ever before.

So what am I talking about? My football picks that appear in Friday’s Pigskin section.

Almost every week this season I’ve been stopped by one of our readers asking me what I’m thinking when I make my picks.

Well that’s the beauty of this year, I’m not thinking.

After being near the top of the leaderboard in years past I wanted to do a little experiment this season. I’ve always wondered how someone would fare on our board if they only picked home teams, so this year I’m trying it. All home teams, all season long.

Do I think the Patriots will lose to the Browns in Cleveland? No, but I’m still picking the Browns.

So how well is it working? Well, I’m down towards the bottom of the list, but it’s in the name of science. Sort of.

I was the leader in week two, and that’s against people that were trying. And in week No. 5 I finished dead last, so as they say, you win some and you lose some.

The amount of time I spend thinking about my picks has gone down from two minutes to 20 seconds a week, and that’s the amount of time it takes to click all the boxes on the right side.

There’s your peek behind the curtain, all home teams, all season long and into the playoffs.

This year I’m the ultimate homer. I couldn’t be more of a Homer if my wife’s name was Marge and my kids were Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Notice that I am still in front of Mr. Burns, I mean Telegram Sports Editor Kenny Olson, who is still trying. D’oh.

Jed Carlson is the Superior Telegram photographer.