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Utility urges hunters to watch out for carbon monoxide buildup

The utility company Wisconsin Public Service is asking hunters to inspect heating systems in cabins and campers for potential carbon monoxide buildup.

The gun deer season doesn't open until Nov. 23, but WPS wants hunters to pay special attention to heat vents while they're preparing their camps. Spokesperson Todd Steffen says carbon monoxide buildup is the most common cause of fatal poisoning in Wisconsin.

"I know a lot of people go up early to take a look at their hunting facilities, so we want to make sure that's one thing they double check," says Steffen.

Steffen says checking heaters in campers and cabins is important since they're not used in summer. He says animals have been known to block vents that release carbon monoxide.

"Birds can build a nest in the exhaust system or animals can build nests," says Steffen. "Sometimes that blocks the air from being able to vent properly."

Carbon monoxide is odorless. Symptoms of poisoning can be mistaken for the flu. Victims often succumb to poisoning while asleep.