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2013 Capitol Christmas tree theme: Wisconsin Traditions

Governor Scott Walker invites all art teachers, parents, youth and others all across Wisconsin to help decorate the Capitol Christmas tree. The theme of the tree this year is "Wisconsin Traditions."

"Some pastimes, activities, and events have been bringing families together for decades," Walker said. "It may be watching the Packers, or deer hunting, or getting together for an annual Harley ride. This year we want the Capitol Christmas tree to reflect all of the things that make Wisconsin great."

Ornaments symbolizing Wisconsin traditions will be displayed on the 2013 Capitol Christmas tree.

Anyone interested in sending Wisconsin Traditions themed ornaments to decorate the tree should make their submissions by Nov. 22.

Wisconsin Traditions themed ornaments can be sent to

Claire Franz

DOA/Division of Facilities Management

17 West Main Street, Suite 119

Madison WI 53703

Wisconsin teachers will soon receive a letter with additional information regarding the 2013 Capitol Christmas Tree and the Wisconsin Traditions theme.