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Trap clubs crown playoff champs

Hawthorne Trap and Wildlife Club

Jim’s Meat Market defeated Wentworth Lumber 122-118 to win the Hawthorne Trap and Wildlife Club league playoffs.

Jim’s Meat Market advanced to the finals by defeating Roadhouse 123-120. Wentworth Lumber advanced with a 118-117 win over NII.

Budweiser won the consolation championship with Lakeview Lodge I finishing second.

After the two teams tied 120-120, Budweiser won a second round of shooting 118-113.

JJ Gregerson, Jens Gregerson III and Rod Amys shared top-gun honors with shooting 25s twice each.

Heather Higgins was the top women shooter and Luke Gregerson topped the junior list.


Hawthorne Trap and Wildlife Club

League Playoffs

Championship Bracket


Wentworth Lumber 118, NII 117

Jim’s Meat Market 123, Roadhouse 120


Jim’s Meat Market 122, Went. Lumber 118

Third Place

NII 120, Roadhouse 118

Consolation Bracket


Budweiser 121, Poplar Hardware 120

Lakeview Lodge I 121, Bud Light 112

Consolation Championship

Budweiser 120 118, Lakeview Lodge I 120 113

Top shooters

25s — JJ Gregerson (x2), Jens Gregerson III (x2), Rod Amys (x2), Brad Glesner, Kody Woerle, Grant Henery, Dan Thompson, Dave Compton, Jim Erickson, Ryan Jones, Dave Ronchi, Dean Amys.

24s — Matt Ronchi (x2), Dean Amys (x2), Mike Brown (x2), Don Warmington (x2), Randy Wick, Hank Wakefield, Jeff Bottolfson, Stu Peterson, Tony Ronchi Jr., Rod Amys, Tony Ronchi Sr., John Kopetzky, Todd Ronchi, Bugsy Nevin, Jeremy Winans.

Top Women — Heather Higgins, 21, 21, 21; Deb Vaughn, 20, 20.

High Juniors — Luke Gregerson, 24, 21; Andrew Nelson, 22, 22; Jake Amacher, 21, 20.

Superior Trap & Gun Club

Superior Shooters Supply was crowned the Superior Trap & Gun Club playoff champions.

Members of the winning team are Bob Zembo, Gil Bascom, Don Vaughn, Ernie Flood, Debbie Vaughn, Don Clarke and Dale Rochon.

High guns in the playoffs were J.J. Gregerson, Rachel Leland (women) and Tylar Brand (juniors).

Superior Trap & Gun Club

Playoff and Trophy Shoot Results

16-yard Trophy Shoot

Class A — 1. J.J. Gregerson, 50x50; 2. Dan Thompson, 50x50.

Class B — 1. Les Hovis, 49.50; 2. Dave Compton, 49x50.

Class C — 1. Kenn Ropp, 44x50; 2. Don Clark, 39x50.

Class D — 1. Rachel Leland, 47x50; 2. Carl Vana, 44x50.

Handicap Trophy Shoot

Class A — 1. Kirk Krause, 48x50; 2. Travis Krause, 42x50.

Class B — 1. Pete Krause, 45x50; 2. Larry Larson, 44x50.

Class C — 1. Don Clark, 37x50; 2. Scott Woerle, 32x50.

Class D — 1. Mitch Lozon, 46x50; 2. Eric Peterson, 35x50.

Doubles Trophy Shoot

Class A/B — 1. Kirk Krause, 27x30; 2. Dave Compton, 27x30.

Class C/D — 1. Ray Nindorf, 22x30; 2. Eric Peterson, 20x30.

Red Division Champions

  1. Harmony House (Larry Brooke, Butch Tendrup, Mike Anderson, Ben Pechek, Chris Brennan, Matt Sosinski, Don Kuzina.
  2. Shooters Supply (Bob Zembo, Gil Bascom, Don Vaughn, Ernie Flood, Debbie Vaughn, Don Clarke, Dale Rochon.

Blue Division Champions

  1. Tavern 105 — Dan, Dean and Dave Thompson, Tom McGrath, Ryan Chase, Jerry Folman, Tylar Brand.
  2. El Dorado Bar — Rick Washkuhn, Ralph Rolson, Dennis Doherty, Jocko Fairchild, Dean Verlenich, Mike Warn, Don Jones.