Weather Forecast


Brule DNR Report

Most trees have dropped their leaves these last two weeks, and there has been no rain. This creates a continuous dry fuel bed of leaves leading right up to buildings.

Take the time to rake leaves away from structures, and don't forget rain gutters. Consider mulching or composting the leaves instead of burning them. Do not dump leaves into a lake, river or wetland.

It is also recommend to diligently follow all the restrictions listed on the front and back of burning permits.

A reminder goes out to deer hunters that the October Herd Control season (Oct.14-17) is limited to unit 1M and unit 8 in Douglas County. The rest of the Douglas County units and Bayfield County units are regular units, and therefore do not have an October herd control hunt this year.

Those looking to get antlerless tags for regular units may purchase them separately for $12 resident or $20 non-resident.

For tag availability, visit