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Austerity plan hurts workers, enriches wealthy

It’s been interesting lately reading about the woes of our city, University of Wisconsin-Superior, and the state in general.

Tea Party Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s Austerity Plan is working well. The poor and middle class are being squeezed, and can feel it, and the rich are being enriched and don’t even notice it.

One of the provisions of Act 10 states that cities can’t raise revenue without a corresponding decrease in expenditures elsewhere. This locks cities into a downward spiraling path. Costs go up but the city cannot increase revenue. There is no safety valve for emerald ash tree borer tree removal, nor for the destruction caused by this brutal winter. Where do you cut? Selling the dump could raise a bit of change, but then we’d have to pay a dumping fee for our own waste.

How about rescinding those raises given to the administration? Administration always uses the excuse for raises that they can’t attract quality personnel. Administrators coming to Superior either love it or don’t — how about promoting from within?

Now the city is spending $30,000 on a study to determine appropriate wages. Why pay a company? (Look what happened to Stevens Point.) I will tell you the results — for free. The company will find that the administration isn’t being paid enough. The workers who do the actual work will be told their salaries are just right or even too high. Under Walker’s Austerity Plan public workers do not belong in the middle class. High pay never goes down. Worker’s pay easily goes down or workers simply are fired.

Then there’s UWS’ dilemma. Its income is frozen until 2015, and potentially through 2017. Walker (through his austerity plan) would approve of the employees losing their jobs and having those jobs privatized into Republican jobs — low pay, no retirement and poor health care.

Somehow though, Walker found millions to give tax deductions of up to $10,000 to parents sending their kids to private schools. That’s your tax dollars. Remember all private schools in Wisconsin have no rules. None. No college degrees are needed to teach in private schools. It’s all voluntary, and taxpayers have no right to see any records (if there are any). And wouldn’t you know that many vouchers are going to kids already in private school.

So much for the lofty rhetoric that these vouchers will give poor kids a chance. Come on, this is Walker’s Republican Party we’re talking about.

The Walker Austerity Plan is working. Let’s not get used to it.

Marge Kaptonak,