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Packers’ Rodgers breaks collarbone, may be out for season

Walker’s agenda hurts families

Why is Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce spending more than $800,000 to sell Wisconsinites that Scott Walker is a good governor?

Scott Walker has greatly impacted Wisconsin’s human and natural resources.

His attacks on women, working families and public education are unparalleled in the history of Wisconsin. He has funded private education at the expense of public education.

Walker has reduced the health care benefits and incomes of working families while giving even more tax cuts to the ultra-rich and huge corporations.

Walker, his Tea-Party-extremist supporters, and his appointee to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have encouraged corporate greed to plunder our sand, pure water and Penokee Range.

Walker’s cabal cut deeply into human resources and financial support for Wisconsin’s K-12 system, UW System, and the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Divide-and-conquer Walker promised 250,000 family-supporting jobs. What good has he done?

It will take far more than $800,000 for WMC to sell an extremist who has so hurt Wisconsin families.

Daniel Holzman,

Baraboo, Wis.