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Science teachers need better funding

Being a graduate of Superior High School and going through the public school system here in Superior I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

One area that I wish could have been better was my years in the science department.  Don’t get me wrong, being in the lab was probably my favorite time in high school, but knowing that we could have done so much more if the school had the proper equipment is almost heartbreaking. 

Each teacher gets around $250 for the five classes they teach, which adds up to about $2 per student.  It is hard for the teachers to work with so little, especially when they know so much, and they think about all the amazing things they could show their students.

My AP chemistry, AP physics and my anatomy and physiology teachers did so much with the bare minimum and yet still put on such a great class and inspired students to do great things. 

Just think about how much better the classes could be if we simply put a little bit more funding into those programs.

Erick Tunell,

Bethel University student,

St. Paul, Minn.