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Brand’s poetry worthy of a column

I came to Superior in 1968 and have become familiar with Bud’s poetry in the last 25 years or so. Readers of this column will remember some of his short poems that I’ve included with my column. Seemed to me that Bud’s poetry could be this column alone.

As a member of the old school, I thought, and still do, that poetry should rhyme and most of what I had earlier read did, so I still lean in that direction and have enjoyed Bud’s more because of it.

The editor has including "aging" in the headline many times so I decided to start with this one that Bud had titled, "Aging":

I still use a rotary phone;

New gadgets make me wary.

I don’t text or Twitter or e-mail;

My only Tweet is my canary.

"Nodding off" is my brand new hobby.

I’ve gained weight and gotten fat."

I can’t think or move like I used to;

My head, not my stomach is flat.

No longer do I comb my hair,

But I do have two cute chins.

I’ve made friends with men of the cloth

For I now have fewer sins.

I must admit I’m getting old;

My favorite color is gray.

My body says it’s November,

But my mind still thinks it’s May.

Growing old is a crying shame.

I proclaim with a failing voice,

"But, considering the alternatives,

It still is the best choice"

Another poem he titled "Children":

Children freely playing,

unaware of hate or greed,

judging others’ actions

by the goodness of each deed.

Children playing together –

black, yellow, red and white —

never seeing the difference,

yet having perfect sight.

Children freely sharing

with those that show a need,

always paying attention

to the "Help Thy Brother Creed."

Children looking at rainbows;

an integration of hues"

Together so much to gain,

apart, so much to lose.

Children living together,

having no inborn fears,

accepting one another

as simply being peers.

Children loving each other,

actually being what they seem.

It’s too bad so many others

have lost that "childish" dream.

I think most of the readers will think well of Bud’s poetry. Poems of his have been published in a number of outside sources, and I’ve encouraged him to put together a booklet that would live on long after the two of us are gone.

Bernie Hughes, Ed.D, is a retired educator who resides in Superior. He can be reached at