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Is there any hope for peace?

Bernie Hughes

Peace has been sought in so many ways, for so many years, that it may have caused the real subject to leave our thoughts. I know you will agree the task is worthwhile now with the world in the present military uproar.

We could easily list a multitude of reasons why peace has only come for short periods. What are the reasons according to those who have studied the subject over the years mankind has been on Earth? Will you give it your thoughts as well?

Humankind, new on Earth got hungry and had to eat. When that individual looked about, tasted certain objects and found some that nourished him or her, all was right in this new world.

Later, more individuals discovered they were not alone and cooperative efforts were found to share new information and understanding in this new environment. Cooperation became the best way to go.

Times have changed a great deal haven’t they? Too many people brought new problems. Cooperation remained but competition came in too and circumstances caused that to become the real power source. Who gets what and how much caused money and power to became the overall decision-maker. And that is where we are today.

Those with the money make the decisions. Governments claim to be the best judges, but the decision-makers need increasing money to be re-elected. Those with money buy the results they need to help the power elite stay that way.

We claim to have a democracy, but our selection processes keep the power elite becoming more so. What are we going to do? The world has seen revolutions and will obviously see more if we can’t achieve it peacefully. A local Superior poet set the circumstance with a suggested answer. In former pieces, I have used bits of Bud Brand’s poetry. One reader asked me why not give more space to his works. I agree and think the following poem is another one of Bud’s that is worthy of this most difficult agenda and he titled his thoughts "The Anatomy of Peace."

All over the world are many a foe,

All ready to fight and go toe to toe.

All over the world from place to place

People won’t sit and talk face to face.

All over the world from land to land,

People are fighting hand to hand.

All over the world the citizens cry

Because leaders don’t see eye to eye.

That’s why the whole world is going to heck

And the race for survival is now neck and neck.

We can still save the world if we all do our part

To truly have peace, we need talk-heart to heart!

Theoretically, we are trying to do that. Representatives of the United Nation recently met in Paris to gain an agreement on the handling of our climate problem. They gained agreement, which was a real plus, but they are phasing it in over a long period of time. I truly hope Bud’s heart-to-heart will come.

Will we ever arrive at a heart-to-heart result when the world individuals still don’t have a more equitable share of wealth? It’s going to remain very difficult.

Money still talks louder in a capitalistic society than heart-to-heart.

Bernie Hughes, Ed.D, is a retired educator who resides in Superior. He can be reached at