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A lesson from the birds

It is in very few cases, and not for very long, that any of us has to proceed through life all alone. The wild geese flying over Superior recently pointed that out to me. The goose in the lead breaks the wind for the followers, but in due time that goose tires and drops back to the end and rests up a bit before going back to assist all flying brethren for a relatively short stint in the lead again. Helping each other is what cooperation is all about.

If any reader, or one of your friends, is all alone, feeling the loss of a loved one or some other negative state, they can learn from the geese. Superior, as all places, has a number of these individuals right now. Many, with the luck of the draw, already knew they weren’t going to go on alone. They chose a variety of ways to be even smarter than the wild goose.

They made new friends after the pain of their great loss was reduced by meeting different folks or doing some new activities — volunteering, taking some part in Senior Connections activities, Catholic Charities, Salvation Army and that list goes on and on.

You can offer rides to folks needing transportation if you still have a vehicle and license to drive, or call an acquaintance when you believe they have had a stroke of bad luck. Almost everyone likes to be personally contacted, except by persistent charitable donation solicitors.

Once you make an effort in that direction, more ways to extend friendship will occur to you. And you will soon know what the wild geese know — cooperation is a joint endeavor. And it is a better answer than sitting in the rocking chair or lounger, watching TV, reading, etc., all your remaining time.

Bernie Hughes, Ed.D, is a retired educator who resides in Superior. He can be reached at