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Duffy, GOP out of touch

Many baby boomers fondly remember that old TV sitcom "Who's the Boss." Many folks attending Rep. Sean Duffy's town hall on Jan. 4 in Wausau must have been asking that same question after witnessing his antics and hearing some of his answers — who's the boss Sean?

When some folks asked about common sense gun-control measures, Duffy resorted to hysterics and fear-mongering. Claiming any gun control laws will lead to people 'losing their guns."

Who's your boss Sean — the NRA?

Duffy seems to have lost touch with the folks here in Wisconsin. He voted for a budget that will hamper the needed and vital "Meals on Wheels" program. His vote almost assured that expanded Medicare and Medicaid funds will be reduced in the coming years. His vote also gave huge tax breaks to the rich and to corporations. And let's not forget how folks up here in Wisconsin will lose their health care after Duffy voted for the budget that basically handcuffs the Affordable Care Act. Does he care? I think not.

Who's your boss Sean? Is it House Speaker Paul Ryan? Or could it be the Kansas-based billionaire Koch brothers?

When will Duffy begin to listen to Wisconsin voters again?

Who's the boss? It sure isn't us.