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Market approach to reducing carbon footprint

It's ironic that what we in the north are experiencing is the result of global warming. Those in the Great Lakes area are dealing with record snowfall and extremely hazardous, frigid temperatures. The cause: Warmer water in the Great Lakes and changing wind patterns in the oceans. So, let's just call these events climate change. I think we can all agree the U.S. has had its share of weather-related horrors.

What you believe is not the issue. What is the issue? Are there things to think and do about possible impactful approaches?

One solution that is gaining recognition and traction is one being proposed by the Citizen Climate Lobby, a non-political organization. Basically, it is a market-based approach to our carbon footprint. The more you use, the cost goes up. The less you use, your costs go down. The Citizen Climate Lobby calls this a carbon fee and dividend. A company will be required to pay a fee for the amount of carbon dioxide its fuel emits when burned. That revenue from that fee is distributed to all households as a dividend.

Initially, you might think "Great, I'll get some money back." But as corporations are business, if they have to pay more, so will you.

As prices go up, there will be a huge demand for cleaner, cheaper energy. This is a win-win for all of us.

Please contact your legislators and ask them about this issue. When I call, I'm going to ask what the temperature of their home is — I suspect it is warmer than my 65 degrees.