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Wisconsin loses again

Wisconsin taxpayers came out on the short end because of Gov. Scott Walker's repeal of Wisconsin's False Claims Act.

Wisconsin would have qualified for about $11 million in additional settlement money from companies that were found to have defrauded the Medicaid program since 2013, but Walker and state legislators first weakened then repealed the state's False Claims Act.

So much for Walker's claim about eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in our state government in the $9 billion per year state Medicaid program.

The $11 million estimate was produced by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism using methods endorsed by Taxpayers Against Fraud. This is a nonprofit organization that advocates for whistleblowing and government efforts to get rid of fraud.

Apparently, the Walker administration does not share these same goals.

Spokesman Tom Evenson, when asked in an email why Walker repealed the False Claims Act, replied that Walker's efforts had rooted out fraud and waste in Medicaid and Foodshare, which saved taxpayers about $150 million. Evenson did not respond to an offer to have the state estimate the losses from repealing the False Claims Act.

One can only wonder just how much money those companies saved, thanks to Walker.

My thanks to the Superior Telegram and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative

Journalism for the information they provided to the public.