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Salt in the wound

There is cause for concern with the tax "reform" bill that is working its way through Congress.

Reform, by definition, would infer "to make better." It should be noted; however, that there are numerous elements in this bill that threaten to hurt the working middle class.

One in particular, referred to as SALT, would eliminate the deduction of state and local taxes. This impacts states like Wisconsin that tax income. It simply means that those who choose to itemize their taxes will no longer be able to deduct their Wisconsin income taxes from the federal. Many critics call this "double taxing" one's income. Businesses will still be able to use this deduction. For the individual, it is a punishment akin to "salt in the wound."

Congressman Sean Duffy, R-Wis., and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., have consistently voted the party line during their time in office. And it appears they are prepared to pass a bill with this "provision" in it. The bill, for all intent and purpose, benefits corporations and the wealthy.

The middle class is destined once again to sacrifice for the sake of a trickle-down approach that has proven not to work.