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Make your protest matter

The pipeline protesters are active again along 58th Street protesting the construction of the new pipeline, which they have done a number of times at different locations within the city of Superior and surrounding area. They are currently at the pipeline crossing on 58th Street as I write this. With vehicles parked on both sides of the street and of course with a strong police force at the area. The protesters are all masked, just hanging around the crossing site. If they had signs, I did not see them. Traffic on 58th Street is of course affected; actually it could be considered hazardous to drivers.

I have no objection to their protesting, but at this stage of construction, all the paperwork required for this construction was filed and approved. Their concerns should have been addressed during the planning of this project. There are and were provisions for them to voice their concerns during this planning process. Personally, I have no idea if they were present then — they should have been — and as I understand, they were not.

Pipelines are the best and safest way to move petroleum products. The other choices are trains, trucks and barges (waterborne). Every one of us needs affordable access to this product. I don't care to go back to cooking my food over an open fire or warming my house in the same manner. Every one of the protesters arrived on this site with vehicles, which also use this product they are protesting. I also want to protect the environment and see this method of transport, pipelines, as the most secure way to do it. If they have a better solution, they should bring it forward. I too wish we could reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, but until we get there, we need to rely on this method.

Protest yes, but make it in a timely and purposeful manner.