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Great SHS coaches make future leaders

I am writing to compliment the work of Bob DeMeyer and his staff for their leadership as teachers, coaches and community leaders.

I am a veteran high school and college football coach, and friends with the Superior High School football staff. Over the past decade, I have been witnessing the Superior staff shape future leaders and reputable citizens through experiences on and off the field.

For example, for the first two weeks of practice, the coaches lead a 30-minute team meeting and teach character education and moral values. One week's topics included love, perseverance, nutrition and hydration, and kindness. These themes are reinforced and acknowledged by the coaches during practice.

Themes the following weeks included self-control, peace, joy, poise, integrity and mental toughness.

Furthermore, the staff has hosted the local fire department and Marine Corps to lead the team in unifying activities.

Fun is a central element of their coaching practice. At the end of practice for the first two weeks, the players choose a song to sing in unison. I have seen the players participate in synchronized swimming and entertaining skits. During the off-season, the coaches organize team activities such as bowling to further camaraderie.

In late June, the University of Minnesota Duluth staff hosted its annual team camp at Superior High School due to construction at Malosky Stadium. I was fortunate to observe the team camp for three days, and saw some great football and impressive coaching.

The entire Superior staff coaches with enthusiasm and positivity. Through the leadership and dedication of the coaching staff, the players are gaining valuable experience that will not only shape them into future leaders but create lasting memories.

There are many great things happening within the Superior High School football team.