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Letter writer got it wrong

I would like to respond to the negative article you printed about columnist Bernie Hughes. I am a great fan of Bernie's wise musings and ideas, and I think I represent a lot of people — silent people, common people, who are watching what's going on in our country, and feel helpless and disappointed.

It was disheartening to read the nasty tenured piece you printed, which truly was a personal character-assassination of Bernie Hughes. I need to tell the person that wrote that article that Bernie is standing up for our constitutional, civil rights, and I deeply appreciate his viewpoints.

I also am a Christian and was raised to treat others with great tact — each person is a treasure to this world. Please remember my friend that the Lord endorses equality, justice, fairness, and yes, the ability for men and women to have free speech.

In ending, I'd like to say to Bernie Hughes, please stand strong against the "haters" in our world and continue to write your enlightening and thoughtful articles for "us," the silent Christian majority.