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Extremes threaten our republic

If our educational systems were teaching the history of evolution of governments, Americans and the American press would actively discourage anarchist groups like antifa (anti-fascists).

To overthrow a government, anarchists have destroyed the history of that nation. The freedom people sought was replaced with the burden of protecting themselves and their property.

Communism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, anarchy and charges of white supremacy have always been part of the far-left movement. The study of Russian, German, American and Cuban history would enlighten American students and journalists to understand this significance. American journalists should be including these factors in their articles about antifa.

To accuse conservatives of being part of any of these movements is fake news — shame on the press for participating in this falsehood.

Participation in the democratic act of voting does not make America a democracy.

Our founders warned future generations against becoming any form of a democracy, a majority rule form of government. The Electoral College assures that a democracy could not take hold in America.

Ben Franklin warned that a democracy was two wolves and a sheep trying to decide what to have for dinner. In a democracy, the demands of the wolves supersede the rights of the sheep. The Electoral College equalizes the rights of the wolves with the rights of the sheep.

America is a constitutional republic limited by laws that protect the people from the government and from themselves. This allows the people to be free and productive.

Unless the press assumes responsibility for educating the public, antifa-like groups may be successful and the American government destroyed.

In the absence of laws, governments always have been replaced with an oligarchy. Oligarchies are governments ruled by a small number of elites and devolve into tyrannies. Oligarchies are the most common form of government today.