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Take care of the dogs

If you are going to have a dog tied up outside, please make sure the dog can't get tangled. If the dog is in a spot where they can get tangled, please find a spot so they can't.

I was coming back from town this morning, and I turned around to let a woman know her one dog was tangled in the tree. He kept jumping to the point where he could have hanged himself. All this happening while she let another dog out with no leash to do its business. She said he does this all the time. Either find another spot or give the dog to someone who cares about them.

How would you like it if you were tied up and tangled up with no one to help you. Take a second to think. If you have to think about it, you don't deserve them.

Also while I am on the case of pets, please don't have them on your lap while driving. It is a very big distraction. What happens if you have to stop quickly or turn fast; you can't because your pet is on your lap. Put your pet in the backseat while driving.