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Something doesn't smell right

The events in Charlottesville, Va., are very disturbing, but the reaction is total insanity. Groups are attacking the president verbally, destroying age-old monuments and the new frenzy is equal to a shark attack against a goldfish.

Let's think about one thing: One person was killed by a lunatic. This is truly sad and Americans are outraged and disgusted. Wait just a second. Where were the Americans when literally thousands of people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other places have died. They included babies, children, mothers and fathers, the elderly and everyone in between. They were bombed, shot or mutilated. What happened to the outcry of peace-loving Americans? Any child — no matter where they live or how far from American soil — is dead. Dead is dead whether they are American, Iraqi or Syrian. There's no outcry —not even a murmur — because casualties are expected in war. Really?

In any war situation, in any violent occurrence where someone is killed, there are two sides. In a war, both sides are responsible, both sides are wrong — there is no winner or loser, they both lose.

In Charlottesville, there were two sides so why is this different — because of color, religion, belief or political affiliation? What about history? Now everyone wants it rewritten but to what end? History is done. It's over. It is written in stone. You can paint it anyway you want to but it happened, it is history. You can't change a single word of it.

Destroying a statute won't change one fact; however, you can change today and tomorrow. Work on that, but make sure your tears are for every person, not for the one person who will help you achieve your political goal.

Life is life. We should feel a tug in our hearts for any war victim, for any person who is a casualty of hate or anger. War is the poster child for hate and anger carried out globally. Our history of war has claimed a lot of lives — innocent victims of political decisions. May all those who died in a war rest in peace; may the woman who died in Charlottesville rest in peace, and let history be what it will always be — in the past.

Blood runs in America but it is still red in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Sudan, etc. Any lost life is a tragedy; don't pick and choose which ones matter — that's not the way it works.