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Where's Duffy's concern for working class?

In U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy's recent newsletter he requested feedback from constituents on the national flood insurance program.

"When it comes to your particular economic situation — do you feel these repeated bailouts (under NFIP) especially for higher income people, are fair?" he asked.

My answer is, no it's not fair and Rep. Duffy, R-Wis., might try to extrapolate that fact to all the legislation he's supporting that helps the rich, and steps on the poor and working classes of this country. How about working for citizens rather than corporations for a change?

His concern about high-income homeowners gaming the NFIP is disingenuous. Isn't he the guy supporting hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for wealthy taxpayers paid for on the backs of low income Americans as part of the pathetic excuse for a health care bill that he voted for?

Why yes, he is!

Where was Duffy's concern for hardworking taxpayers when he voted to pass the GOP health care bill and the bill to repeal financial protection provisions of Dodd-Frank and gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

I'm sure his wealthy Wall Street campaign contributors are happy but he might as well have just flipped off most of the people who live in his congressional district.

I continue to be unimpressed with his efforts, his media statements, his votes and policy positions.

I'm sincerely disappointed in him.