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Good job Belknap crew

As I've traveled back and forth on Belknap Street to Julie's Restaurant, I can't help but notice the excellent management of the workforce in the A-1 Excavating Construction crew working on this project.

I've not seen anyone just standing around, everyone has a job to do and from what I see it's done very well.

Working in clay as we know up here is a real challenge but watching these people work, they make it look so easy. They have a plan so the water from all this rain we've had is standing where they want it.

There is no mess on the roadway from the clay they are working in.

We should all take notice of the work ethic these people have and show them respect as we pass them in our daily travels.

Our officials made a very wise choice in choosing this company to repair and replace our city sewers and streets.

Job well done.