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Put people ahead of ideology

The repeal of the Affordable Care Act has failed again. The Republican wrecking crew can't govern with complete control of all branches of government.


It's because they do not want to actually solve problems. They don't care about people or the needs of the country. They care about ideological purity.

When Clinton and Obama tried to deal with our health care problems, they spent months developing plans. Experts were consulted. The industry weighed in. Public meetings were held. Options were debated and compromises were made. Even though the results were not the best, it was an open process. It was a real effort to do something positive.

In contrast, the current incompetents huddled behind closed doors for a few days to produce their usual solution to all problems. They proposed tax cuts for the wealthy and large businesses while leaving the free market to run amuck. Their plan is to do nothing to address health care costs, unaffordable insurance and millions without coverage.

Many Americans, including leading Republicans, recognized this non-solution would be a disaster. The free market created all these problems so it can't be the solution. A large percentage of the public agreed, and thankfully, it is dead for the moment. But the radicals still want to repeal "Obamacare" because they can leave nothing standing from President Obama's administration.

Americans should realize these radical Republicans don't care about them. They should elect leadership that puts people before political ideology.