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Every vote truly counts

It's official. The manual recount is complete. I have lost this election by one vote.

This race was truly an unreal experience, meeting with community leaders, city department directors, and even legislators down in Madison.

During my campaign, I've built some amazing relationships. Everyone has a story to tell, and I listened. I've learned so much. Regardless of all of that, I've done this for the citizens of 6th District, their concerns and the betterment of the city of Superior as a whole. I could have never imagined it would have come down to a difference so little. It just goes to prove that every vote truly counts!

I just didn't think that my first election would be made an example of that. I am proud of the results as there was a 40 percent increase of voter turnout. You can bet you'll be seeing me around, helping this community.

Until next time my friends, and thanks to all for your support