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Put man of action on Council

I am writing this letter in support of city council candidate Craig Sutherland for the City of Superior 8th District. One doesn't have to look far to see the kind of hard work and dedication Craig has put in to make Superior a better place to live and work.

Craig is an amazing young man who constantly looks at his community to see where help is needed and then tirelessly works to solve the problem. From his work promoting Billings Park Days to his efforts with the Garrett Carr and Rex Kern memorials, and the random acts of kindness program, he has shown an eagerness to give back to individuals and the community as well.

I'm a 20-plus year law enforcement officer, which at times can give you a somewhat jaded view of this world we live in. I can say when I observed all of the hard work Craig and others put into the Superior night in blue, I was very moved by it. I was at work, and I watched as Craig and a few others were preparing the lights outside the courthouse. I approached Craig and shook his hand and said, "thank you." Craig's response was, "No, thank you guys and gals." Craig went on to tell me that he felt local law enforcement needed to know the community supported them, and it was his way of getting the message out.

Do you see the same pattern I do? Identify a local problem and then Act to help fix it. Craig Sutherland is a man of action, not words. Please support him on April 4.