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Give us health care Congress would use

Well, after weeks of hiding their health care proposal from even their own members, we now know what the Republican health care proposal looks like.

According to the LA Times it will "destroy the ability of millions of Americans to access any health care worth the name." The Congressional Budget Office has warned that their proposals would lead to lost coverage for millions and higher costs for millions more.

Want to know how well it will work? Nobody has a clue because nobody has tried it.

How much will it cost us? They're hoping to pass the bill before you find out.

Is it the health care system our elected representatives will use? Not on your life!

They're sitting cozy with comfortable insurance plans paid for by the rest of us.

There is a health plan that everyone knows pretty well. Everybody can (even Republicans) sign up for it. We have a good idea of how well it works and of what it would cost. It's called Medicare. Expanding Medicare to include everyone is, really, a no-brainer. And it sure beats the bizarre, complicated and expensive concoctions being offered to us by the pharmaceutical, insurance and medical lobbies.

Call Sens. Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin, as well as Congressman Sean Duffy and tell them to start earning the salaries and benefits we're paying them by giving us a health care system that has a proven track record. One that they themselves would be willing to


Editor's note: This letter was also signed by Marty Dolny, Webster; Cindy and Doug Lemoine, Shell Lake; Mary Dosch, Shell Lake; Sherry Wiegand, Spooner; and Donna Cangelosi, Eagle River as Indivisible Northwest Wisconsin.