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Alternative view of the facts

It has taken a few days to respond to the Feb. 7 letter "Political abuse ends with Trump." It's an interesting account of life in an alternate universe wherein the inhabitants deal with "alternate facts." My laughing fit lasted so long, it took time to recover. Ludicrous is too mild a word for the alternate universe in which many Trump supporters live.

The letter writer said "...many of us felt politically abused." Would that be more abused than gay people, beaten and murdered by religious fanatics — my guess, mostly Trump supporters — until former President Barack Obama took steps to help them? More than the American Muslim citizens who have been attacked and had their houses of worship burned? More than the African-Americans who are systematically incarcerated and disenfranchised by Republican voter suppression? More than the Native Americans whose sacred land is destroyed by greedy oil companies? More than others too numerous to mention?

I seriously doubt it.

The writer said "our deeply held beliefs are being discounted, disrespected, dismissed and even demeaned." Certainly only deeply-held, right-wing Christian beliefs count. If Muslims have any deeply-held beliefs, they don't count. Nor do those of Jewish people or atheists. Who cares what beliefs other Americans have; it's only right-wing Christian beliefs that count, right?.

The letter stated: "We the people demand ..." Does this "we" include the nearly three million more American voters who voted President Trump's opponent? Or, does it mean white, Anglo-Saxon, straight, religious fanatics? I'm sure "we" includes the KKK, American Nazis and other white supremacists who celebrated jubilantly Trump's election, according to the Christian Science Monitor. That's a first in the 50 years I have followed politics, and definitely something for which to be proud.

The writer stated: "We appreciate a president who works not only full days but full weeks." That's laughable. According to, Obama went four months before taking a vacation; George W. Bush went five and a half months. Trump — your hard-working president — went two whole weeks without a vacation. Wow! What dedication?

The most interesting aspect of this bizarro world is the cabinet Trump wants to form:

* Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has absolutely no education experience.

* Attorney General Jeff Sessions whose own Republican party, in 1986, joined Democrats to refuse to approve his nomination for a federal judgeship based on racist views and actions, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

* Energy Secretary Rick Perry sits on the board of the Dakota Access Pipeline, according to Desmog, a website focused on "clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate change."

This is only the tip of the fascist iceberg sinking the SS American Democracy. Time and space does not permit listing all the corruption this administration is propagating and it's only been a few weeks. The SS American Democracy is sinking; Republicans have commandeered all the lifeboats and they're not sharing.

I'm sure Jesus is very proud — sarcasm intended.